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For Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. (ABC’s This Week): Time’s Joe Klein, who does not support a date certain for ending the Iraq occupation, said of your debate performance:

His granite-skulled insistence that the surge is working, “absolutely” working … was nothing short of demagogic.

The progress in turning the Sunni tribes against Al Qaeda in Iraq is real … But that has practically nothing to do with the “surge,” which was originally all about pacifying Baghdad through the use of counterinsurgency tactics and creating the “space” for an Iraqi political resolution.

Well, Baghdad has been quieter–mostly because it has been ethnically cleaned, with many Sunnis fleeing, and is now largely under the tacit control of Muqtada Sadr’s populist movement.

The U.S. troops fighting in Baghdad against the remaining Sunni militants … are carrying Sadr’s water. …the shopkeepers and shoppers in Shorja market, where McCain took his famous walk, overwhelmingly support Sadr.

McCain never mentions this. He talks “victory” or “surrender,” neither of which is an actual possibility here.

His unwillingness to talk about the complexities of the situation represents, I believe, a willful misleading of the American public.

Why have you junked the Straight Talk Express, and continue to mislead the American public?


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