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Every Friday in our Weekend Watchdog feature, Common Sense will post suggested questions for scheduled Sunday guests. You can add your own questions in the comment thread. We’ll also include contact information for the shows, so we can let them know what their viewers want asked.

Then on Monday, we’ll circle back and see if our questions were asked, and if they were answered. Let’s take back our media!

CBS’ Face The Nation will be interviewing Vice-President Dick Cheney. What not to ask to him!

Here’s three, but surely there’s more. add you own in the comments.

1. Why was the President claiming that if Democrats didn’t pass unconditional war funding, tours of duty in Iraq would be extended, when in fact, your administration already had plans in place to extend tours of duty? (See Eschaton for background)

2. The White House has insisted it replaced US Attorney’s for policy reasons, in particular, better pursuit of voter fraud.

But if good policy was the concern of the White House, why would they fire prosecutors who refused to file voter fraud charges against Democrats without solid evidence?

3. Your right-hand man Scooter Libby was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice. The lingering question is: did he lie to prosecutors to hide your role in revealing Valerie Wilson’s identity?


Email CBS’ Face The Nation at ftn@cbsnews.com

Remember: always be brief, polite and respectful when contacting the media, so our voices will be taken seriously.


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