Standing Up To The Obstructionists (And The Pundits Who Love Them)

The blogosphere is abuzz this morning after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took to task the Washington Post editorial board, in the paper’s own pages. (DailyKos, Eschaton, TPMCafe, D-Day, Skewering The Chimp and Slow Roasted have praised Reid’s letter to the editor.)

Last week, The Posties accused Reid of being “irresponsible” for “deny[ing] rather than nourish[ing] a bipartisan agreement” on Iraq:

The Senate Democratic leadership spent the past week trying to prove that Congress is deeply divided over Iraq, with Democrats pressing and Republicans resisting a change of course. In fact that’s far from the truth. A large majority of senators from both parties favor a shift in the U.S. mission that would involve substantially reducing the number of American forces over the next year or so and rededicating those remaining to training the Iraqi army, protecting Iraq’s borders and fighting al-Qaeda. President Bush and his senior aides and generals also support this broad strategy…

Putting aside the laughable claim that Bush wants to fundamentally change course in Iraq, what’s also “far from the truth” is that a “large majority” of Republican Senators want the same.


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