Morning After Regrets?

The morning after 159 congresspeople voted against the people’s will, and sought to deny more health insurance for kids, might they be feeling any regrets?

Time Magazine blogger Karen Tumulty writes:

Democrats have been handed what could be a powerful issue going into an election year in which health care ranks at the top of voters’ domestic concerns. The bill got 45 Republican votes in the House–a sharp increase from the five who supported the original House version of the bill and more than some of its sponsors expected. That isn’t much consolation to all those children, though. Which is why Nancy Pelosi vows this won’t be the end of it[.]

Furthermore, a TPM Election Central report on a new Democracy Corps poll will strike more fear in conservative hearts:

The poll finds that voters side with Dems on the issue by 60%-35%; that independents want the program expanded by a 34-point margin, 62%-28%; and that voters in Republican-held districts also overwhelmingly favor the expansion, 55%-39%.

Fueling these numbers, the poll finds, is an explosion in voter concern about the health care issue in general. In another ominous 2008 sign for the GOP, the survey says that the percentage of voters who see rising health care costs as a “very serious problem” has increased an astonishing 12 points in only the last two years.

They will likely have another chance to save themselves, and save our kids, next week, in a vote to override Bush’s expected veto.


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