More Conservative Honesty Please

Last night on the Alan Colmes radio show, I debated conservative blogger Dan Riehl about the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the attacks on the Frost family, though I didn’t have to do too much because Colmes picked Riehl apart quite nicely.

Riehl has posted audio of most of the debate, headlining his post “Why Can’t Liberals Debate Honestly?” He then declines to even mention any specific comment from either Colmes or me that was dishonest. That because there weren’t any.

I did overstate one point. I said Bush is proposing “less money” for SCHIP, which isn’t quite right. He is proposing nominally more money, just not enough to maintain the number of kids currently in the program. It’s essentially less money, but not literally.

There’s one point I can’t overstate. While there’s been plenty of conservative misinformation throughout this debate, conservatives desperate to kill the expansion of SCHIP are quite honestly expressing their contempt for working class Americans who struggle in today’s economy.


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