Kids Warn Conservatives, “No More Photo Ops”

As noted here before, House conservatives are sweating the upcoming vote to override Bush’s veto of SCHIP expansion.

Unlike Bush, everyone in the House is up for re-election in 2008. Support for covering 4 million more children with health insurance, and paying for it, is huge among Democrats, independents and Republicans. When people of all stripes see a government program that works, they are eager to build on it and fully address persistent problems.

Conservatives who want to stand with Bush over kids, for more obstruction over progress, can only hope that voters won’t notice their vote. The more they stand around kids when the cameras are present, they can pretend they stand for kids.

Well, America’s kids aren’t standing for it.

We at Campaign for America’s Future have a new video: “Kids Warn Conservatives, ‘No More Photo Ops.'” Check it out:

And we’ve set up a page where you can send your own message to your representative in Congress.

The override vote in the House is expected in two weeks. The more pressure House members feel from their constituents, the more likely we can dislodge this latest attempt to obstruct the public will.


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