Intimidating Kids

Last month, I noted that the coordinated attack against SCHIP had failed miserably, leaving conservatives desperate.

Who knew how desperate they would get?

Conservative bloggers have begun an intimidation and harassment campaign against 12-year old Graeme Frost and his family, who were in a major car accident severely injuring Graeme and his younger sister Gemma, and have been held up by Democrats as examples of SCHIP’s value in protecting the lives of working class kids.

ABC News reports: “According to Senate Democratic aides, some bloggers have made repeated phone calls to the home of 12-year-old Graeme Frost, demanding information about his family’s private life.” These bloggers have then proceeded to mischaracterize the family’s financial situation and attack the parents as irresponsible.

Proper outrage has been expressed by several liberal bloggers, including ThinkProgress, Attytood, Firedoglake, Matt Ortega, All Spin Zone, Whiskey Fire, AmericaBlog, our own Big Con blogger Digby, Eschaton, Petunias, Left in Lowell, Buckeye State Blog, Blogging Out Loud, and Liberty Street.

But beyond the sickening nature of the intimidation campaign, I’m struck by how their attempt to shine a spotlight on the Frosts completely undermines the point they’re trying to make.


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