Caught on Tape! – The Plot to Bury Progress

The following was emailed to Campaign for America’s Future supporters by our Director of Online Communications Ian Mishalove.

No progress on ending the war. No progress on new energy. No progress on health care costs. Why is the new Congress gridlocked?

Conservatives are working hard to spin this as the fault of a “do nothing Congress.” But that’s like someone mugging the postman and then complaining that the mail isn’t delivered. The fact is it’s the conservative minority’s own filibusters and vetoes that are systematically killing progress.

But now, our cameras have exposed the force orchestrating this obstruction.

It’s gruesome stuff. You’ll see the right in action — gleefully suffocating stem cell research, strangling children’s health insurance, even axing decent rest and rehab for our soldiers.

We can’t let the right-wing get away with railing about the lack of progress even as they conspire to block it.

After watching this video, find out if your Senators are part of the problem. And send them a message that their game is up, that it is time to stop strangling the reforms that the vast majority of Americans want.

We’re done with the right’s pernicious schemes. We’re not buying the lies and the spin. We can overcome the dark spirits by exposing their plot to the light.

Join us.


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