Blogger Reaction to the Dem Debate

The most entertaining liveblog goes to Minnesota Monitor by a mile.

D-Day laments: “the country suffers when the questions and the format are seemingly the opposite of what would generate anything informative. I have no idea who won. I don’t even know or remember anything I saw. It was like watching some inoffensive teen sex comedy and laughing the whole time and walking out of the theater and immediately wondering what anybody’s name was or what the movie was about.”

Frameshop also doesn’t care for the moderation: “the frame for the debate has been scattered due to Williams’ constant ‘gotcha’ questions. Every question is a challenge to past problems of the candidates. This is a hack job.”

The Reid Report notes, “There were no serious discussions on racial issues,” which is particularly egregious because the debate was in South Carolina, where the Democratic primary electorate is nearly half African-American.

If you’re looking for candidate rankings, check out Faithful Progressive and The Blue State


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