Progressives: Take Back America!

This song, recorded and produced by Campaign for America’s Future, is adapted from Willie Nelson’s anthem “A Peaceful Solution.” Nelson welcomed people to re-record the song in their own styles, create new lyrics and use the song to promote peace and justice. Below are the lyrics written by the Campaign for America’s Future.

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Take Back America

This county, what we need,
Is progressives to take the lead.
So let’s Take Back America.

Let’s unite and stand tall,
And win health care for all.
And let’s Take Back America.

Green jobs for our nation
To end our oil fixation.
For the planet and economy.

We will fight for social justice,
Righting wrongs that are amongst us.
And we’ll Take Back America.

To our troops in Iraq,
We will bring you back.
And support you here at home.

Jobs that are well paid,
Fair trade over free trade,
When we Take Back America.

When progressives take the lead,
With our vision to succeed,
We will Take Back America.

In this critical year, Take Back America will bring together all of the elements of the progressive movement—grassroots and netroots activists, elected officials, business owners, policy experts and more. Together, we will generate new power for our movement for change based on a new vision and bold ideas for an America that works for everyone, not just the few.

Five themes at the heart of the progressive agenda will be the focus of Take Back America 2008:

  • Economic Strategy for America in the Global Economy
  • Green Jobs for a Sustainable Energy Future
  • Quality, Affordable Health Care for All
  • Out of Iraq to Real Security
  • The New Social Justice Agenda

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